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Boutique hotel in Ammouliani giving emphasis to the detail, with great rooms kai wonderful view to Mount Athos and Drenia Islands. Cleanliness, professionalism and smiles.
The host is very nice, communicative and knows how to make a family feel welcomed on Ammouliani. Impeccable cleanliness, beautiful view towards the sea and the Athos peninsula and the best WiFi connection we had in Greece until now.
A view of balcony is so wonderful. We could see Mt. Atos every day and enjoy the sailing so many ships and boats. Specially in the night of fullmoon we enjoyed the reflection of moon light in the sea. Staffs were so kind. The best hotel is Drenia studios in Ammouliani.
Being an architect and designing your own space leads to a unique and real aesthetic. When this aesthetic is combined with kind and highly prfessional hosts the result is one of a lifetime and you just need to live the experience.Thank you for the beautiful days we got to spent at Drenia Studios.
Excellent rooms with breathtaking views of the sea. Warm and professional, all the people of the hostel.

The history of Ammouliani

Back in the old days, Xerxes, king of the Persian empire, assembled a massive army to invade Greece. On his long way from his lands to the Greek cities he had to sail around the three legs of Chalkidiki with his navy. After a couple of unsuccessful tries, he decided to create a huge canal on Athos peninsula and cross through this in order to continue his way down. It was when he found himself in front of a magic island. He was so impressed by this sight, that this memory stayed forever engraved in his and his soldiers me

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