The sights of the island

Learn about the sights that are on our beautiful island.

1. The island of Mount Athos.
The lovely island of Mountain Athos is famous for its numerous and beautiful beaches. Crystal clear waters and beautiful sandy beaches can be found all around the island. Some of which are: Alykes, Megali Ammos Karagatsia, Agios Georgios and Drenia.
2. Mount Athos.
The Holy Mount is located nearby the island of Ammouliani and is itself a great one-day escape for peace and tranquility of the male visitors. Although it is not accessible for women, they can always take a boat cruise and have a perfect view of the Holy Mountain and its Monasteries.
3. In the area.
In close proximity, you can easily visit the canal of Xerxes, Cholomontas Mountain, Aristotle Park (Stagira) and many other breathtaking destinations.

The history of the island.

Every place and a story. Learn about the rich history of our Ammouliani.

Back in the old days, Xerxes, king of the Persian empire, assembled a massive army to invade Greece. On his long way from his lands to the Greek cities he had to sail around the three legs of Chalkidiki with his navy. After a couple of unsuccessful tries, he decided to create a huge canal on Athos peninsula and cross through this in order to continue his way down. It was when he found himself in front of a magic island. He was so impressed by this sight, that this memory stayed forever engraved in his and his soldiers memory...

Two thousand years later, this beautiful place came into the ownership of the Vatopedi Monastery and was exclusively inhabited by monks. Around a hundred years ago, many refugees arrived from the Asia Minor and monks handed over the island to them. A new era started for this little island... and who could imagine that one day its beaches would rank among the best in the Mediterranean.

Nowadays, more and more people are whispering about this small oasis in northern Greece, attracting travelers and campers from all around the country and the rest of the world.


The island is rich in sights and natural beauty.